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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Externally Focused Conference--Day 2

It's hard to believe it is over but Day 2 of the Externally Focused Conference at LifeBridge Christian Church is Longmont is in the history books. And it was by any measure...a very good conference. As my wife Liz said, "This was more than a 'how-to' conference. This was a heart of Jesus conference."

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin from Potter's House in Jacksonville led off on Tuesday morning. He was incredible and left all of us wanting more. But there were more seminars to attend before breaking for lunch. After our third session of seminars and a break it was time for Eli Morris of Hope Presbyterian Church in Cordova, TN to bring us home. And bring us home he did--with practical principles and powerful stories. Couldn't have ended on a better note.

I've hardly even mentioned the worship and cop who shared his externally focused story from Christmas eve, the Apple / Microsoft ("I'm an internally focused church....And I'm an externally Focused Church) video and the incredibly friendly and helpful volunteers at LifeBridge. Wow! They hit it out of the park!


At Tuesday, June 12, 2007 12:11:00 PM, Blogger Phil McKeown said...


The conference was terrific. I pastor North Village in Sunnyslope, a northern suburb of Phoenix. We are preparing to become EF in our ministry. Thank you for all your sharing.

Please send me the notes of your breakout sessions.

God Bless,
Phil McKeown


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