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Monday, May 08, 2006

Erik Olson's Graduation

On Saturday we drove up to Greeley for our son-in-law-to-be's graduation. Erik's had a prolific college career, not just in basketball, where he was team captian for three years, but he also graduated from the Business School in Marketing and left his spiritual fingerprints on the campus. The keynote speaker was Carlotta Walls Lanier, one of the "Little Rock Nine" who, in 1957, was among the first African American to integrate Central High School. She is a UNC grad and now serves on the board of regents. After the graduation we joined Erik's family for a graduation party that Kristina, his sister hosted in Greeley.

On the way home we stopped in to see the condo Kacey and Erik will live in after they are married on the 27th. Very nice place in Erie Colorado--Of course Kacey is already at work, painting and decorating and it looks really nice.


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