loren Eric Swanson: The Penultimate Day of Skiing

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Penultimate Day of Skiing

On Saturday Liz and I loaded our skis, daughter and her finace, Erik into the car and drove up to Copper Mountain for our last ski day of the season. A great thing for Coloradans is a ski pass one can buy for $70 called a "Four Pass" and is good for virtually any four days of the season. This is a great bargain since a single day ticket is $75. We were expecting Spring skiing--warm ans slushy but we arrived to 6 inches of fresh powder on the slopes and mild-enough-for-for-lunch-al fresco at the base.

Skiing isn't quite like my mom describing Sienfeld's monologue on driving in a car (It's like being outside...but inside. Its like sitting very still....but going really fast) but it has some of the same elements. When you are in the groove, gliding down the mountain, it's almost like you are standing still but going really fast!

Apart from the exhileration of the out-of-doors, the best part was being with Kacey and Erik (and Erik's family also joined us...or we joined them). These are the waning days where Kacey is still my little girl before I hand her off to Erik on May 27th so every moment we have with her is special.