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Saturday, April 29, 2006

How do you get an elk in the house?

This past year my nephew Matt shot a huge bull elk and because neither, he nor his father-in-law have vaulted ceilings on which to hang it, it fell to our house to have the first shot at it. A bull elk is huge. Imagine trying to hang a horse on your wall? As try as we did, it simply overpowered the room and ended in John's office. Good shot Matt.


At Tuesday, May 02, 2006 10:06:00 AM, Blogger Caleb said...

Hello Eric! This is Caleb Chou. I don't know if you remember me since it's been so long, but I'm one of Andy's old high school buddies from Calvary Bible. I saw your name come up on an article by Rich Nathan and was like "hey, I know that guy!" and proceeded to look up your blog. (I'm part of a Vineyard in St. Louis and well-connected to Rich.) Great to hear that things seem to be well in the Swanson household.


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