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Sunday, May 07, 2006

New Mexico adventures

This past week I was supposed to have been in China but my visa never came. When I called the visa processing company after I got back from California--the one that takes the passport physically to the China embassy in DC (or San Francisco or a number of other cities), they mumbled something about my passport being held up in an anthrax screening center. And then said, "Oh we just got your package 20 minutes ago." Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Sounds to me like it sat on someone's desk for three weeks.

So Monday I drove down to Las Cruces to be with Jeff and Ashlie and Baby G. Jeff wanted me to help him tile his kitchen and do some other house projects and it sounded like a great excuse to see them and play with my grandson. On Tuesday morning I loaded up baby Gentry into the stroller and we went for a long walk along the levy that runs near their home. I'm prejudicial in my assessment...but he's a really sweet and cute little guy.

The work went well. Jeff figured out how to tile by watching some tilers and picking up a book at home depot. The work was rather reminiscient of Nehemiah building the wall. One person would play with baby boy while the other two set tile. I called Ashlie yesterday and she told me the work was all done with all the appliances back in place.


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