loren Eric Swanson: Malaysia Day 4

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Malaysia Day 4

Things just get better. The pastors' lunch today in Kuantan was attended by 30 pastors / leaders each eager to hear more about being externally focused. They were excited as they began to envision how they could love and serve their community with good deeds and good news. The team that has brought Sam and me here to Malaysia is an incredible group. I don't think I've ever worked with three leaders with more capacity than these three people--Richard Rajoo, Simon Locke, and Ooi Piek See (Pixie)--all come from extremely successful careers in the business world but find changing lives much more exciting. Each week they drive over a thousand miles to train leaders. They visit every city they work in two times each month. It's no wonder leaders are so responsive to what they do. They are incredibly connected. This evening for dinner we are meeting with the president of a university, a Deputy Director General of Government and the Exectutive Director of a major non-profit organization.


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