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Monday, May 12, 2008


Sam Williams and I are in Malaysia for the next week or so doing a number of externally focused church conferences. Lots of cool stuff happening already. Malaysia is a country of 27 million people and a 60% Muslim population with a mere 9% of Christians believers really have to live differently to make their light shine. We will be speaking at 4 externally focused conferences.

I know we got one thing right... We followed Jesus example and "ate the Col's" (Luke 1) for lunch. It was great. Malaysians love to see thier guests put away the groceries. Sam and I just hope we still fit into the shirts they gave us to wear tomorrow night.

The first session went well...and didn't end until 10:45 pm, which, they explained was quite typical. Nearly 190 showed up in Alor Star for our opening two sessions on EFC. Sam will finish with two messages on city reaching...then lunch w/ pastors and a banquet tomorrow evening. We returned to our hotel rooms to find a great fruit basket (with very exotic fruit) along w/ a few other treats. Our hosts have been more than gracious and are a kick to hang out with. They really see externally focused churches as integral to all they are trying to do.


At Monday, May 12, 2008 6:45:00 AM, Anonymous bob roberts said...

Eric - was checking your blog - journey in and out is what we have called at NorthWood the past 10 years, kingdom in, kingdom out. Your celtic diagram is also what we use in T-Life - different words, same 3 things. People all over the world are saying the same thing in different wording - it's very very very exciting for me - I think God is saying the same thing to all of us. FURTHERMORE - your 3 b's go back to Justin Martyr I have been told in 120AD - it was the original discipleship model. Also - our Vietnamese son Ti is in Malaysia - email me if you have time and I'll give you his contact info and he'll take you out on the town. Have a blast I love that place.


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