loren Eric Swanson: Malaysia Day 3

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Malaysia Day 3

This morning we flew from Alor Star down to Kuala Lumpur and met up with a long-time friend Geoff Gorsuch. Geoff and I were new campus ministry directors at the University of Colorado back in 1976--he with the Navigators and I with Campus Crusade. Geoff flew up from Singapore to hang out for a couple of days. We ate at a Texas barbecue place for lunch and then drove to the East Coast to the city of Kuantan. After checking into the hotel, we drove to tonight's meeting venue--Over 400 people from twelve or more churches showed up for dinner and the meetings. It was quite amazing and Sam and I sense that God is doing something special in Malaysia. Richard said they told the pastors of the city that this was going to be "the year of externally focused." Simply amazing.

Tomorrow we'll meet w/ the pastors of Kuantan. They have been in Million Leaders Mandate training for just a couple of months but are eager to learn more.


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