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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kingdom Assignment Well Done Awards

Yesterday Liz and I, Sam and Nancy Williams, my pastor, Tom Shirk and his wife Lucy and another couple from church flew to SNA to be part of Denny and Leesa Bellesi's "Well Done" Awards for Kingdom Assignments. If you are not familiar with this incredible concept, click on www.kingdomassignment.com. Well Done Award were given to individuals / entities that had multiplied the scope of Kingdom Assignment or did something incredible with talent, treasure or time. It was a great trip. Leesa is one of those rare individuals who is connected to everyone and when she throws a party, people show up in droves. Chris Sligh and Katherine McPhee (from American Idol) performed along with a hiphop dance trupe, Chris Gardner (from Pursuit of Happiness) and plenty of great recipients of this award. Sam and I (representing Tango) thought we were going to get a Well Done award but were shocked when our plaque read "Medium Rare." But it was a good evening none-the-less. Of course Sam, Liz and I took advantage of a few photo ops.


At Monday, June 04, 2007 11:35:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like Katherine's skirt is a little short.
deb h.


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