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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Movements Everywhere

Attached is a note from Craig Johring. For the past several years Craig has done a great job opening new campus ministries in the state of Kansas. This year he moved to Mexico City, and working with a talented team, and partnering with local churches, is seeking to start spiritual movments everywhere. God bless Craig Johring!

I've got cool news...
Yesterday we had our day of training---our first one here in Mexico City. For four hours we trained students to launch movements on their campuses. Our next day of training next month will be better based on the feedback we received, but this one rocked. The response was fantastic----students made commitments to pull together students on their campuses on Tuesday (after the holiday on Monday) to launch a movement on their campuses to reach other students. We trained students on how to share the Four Spiritual Laws, and covered the material on launching and leading a movement that we've been writing during the past
2 months.
There were 4 pastors from large churches in Mexico City at our training, and one asked us to come to his church to train 50 university students this coming month. Jorge Dorcus, the Jesus Film Director here in Mexico City made plans yesterday with these pastors to put on two meetings with groups of pastors in different parts of the city to share our vision and plans with pastors, and line up training times in their churches---or to send students to our monthly training times.
We had 60 people at our training---counting our 13 Enfoque Mexico (Mexico Focus) staff and pastors who where there. The Doble AA's (My friends from Oaxaca who were student leaders I worked with 6 years ago during my Stint in Oaxaca) brought their two brothers and two others current student leaders up for the weekend----and gave the training (in perfect Spanish).
We now have two movements going on university campuses in Mexico City, and hope to see at least 10-20 or more launched during the next week as we visit students on their campuses who came to the training to coach them, and help reach out to students on their campuses.


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