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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Forest Hill Church...a note from Kenny Brown

One of the delights of my job is to work with passionate and innovative people. Yesterday I got this note from Kenny Brown. Kenny is a pastor at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC--an externally focused church that is loaded with talented leaders. Kenny and Forest Hill are involved in the fourth Leadership Community for Externally Focused Churches.

Hey, just wanted to give you an update. In the last 4 months, we have over 800 adults serve in the inner city of charlotte. We have 19 partnerships now and we are averaging about 5 to 7 groups a week serving. We have 120 groups with partnerships and impact champions. Over 95 groups have gone out and served.

We are going to try to impact 2000 poor children this Christmas with the over 80% of them tied to our partnerships. We are going to tie Angel Tree (for our whole church) into our partnerships and then integrate everything so that our groups are doing Christmas parties for partnerships. The way this looks is that we have 11 groups connected to an organization called Elon Homes and there are 150 children there. Our groups can't provide presents for everyone so we are going to use Angel tree (the whole church) to provide 100 children presents (the 11 groups will cover the rest) and the 11 groups will throw the party and be the ones delivering them. We are going to do this with all our partnerships. It's going to be crazy. We are going to use Children and Student ministry to sort and deliver some of the presents. Sorry for the long update but thought maybe you would want to know what's going on at the coffee shops in Charlotte. (that extension launched 3 weeks ago)

Things are a lot of fun around here.


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