loren Eric Swanson: Richmond Nights--Watching Ricky Bobby

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Richmond Nights--Watching Ricky Bobby

Last night Sam and I drove from from Charlottesville to Richmond for the last race of the Busch Series at the Richmond International Speedway. Having never been to an event like this before i have to say it was quite an experience. 60 cars driving at 160 mph on a 3/4 mile short track for 250 laps...it was something else! Eating smoked turkey wings, hanging out with some laid-back country folk. It hardly gets any better.

This week Sam and I had meetings in Charlottesville and since my sister, her husband and their son, Erik live here I spent a bit of time with them. Erik attends St. Anne's Academy Belfield (STAB) so the bumper stickers that adorn parent's cars are quite interesting...like the one pictured here.


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