loren Eric Swanson: Leadership Community, Group 4, Meeting 2

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Leadership Community, Group 4, Meeting 2

Hey, the vacation is over! Today, 14 of the most innovative externally focused churches will be convening for the second time in Dallas at Leadership Network's facilitation space for the second gathering of this leadership community. Six months ago, when we first convened, and every church shared their model of what they were engaged in, outside the walls of their church, their was a notable silence as we all realized that God really is up to something new in getting the churches into the communities of the world. Gotta run but I'll write something tonight.

Wouldn't you know Leadership Network went from a Website to a blogsite. So to see the progress we made today, please go to: http://externallyfocused.typepad.com/externally_focused_4_2/


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