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Monday, August 07, 2006

No place like Spain

Liz and left Friday for a week at the Costa del Sol in Spain in a little costal town called Nerja that I "discovered" ten years ago when traveling with Andy and Jeff on the way to speaking at a Crusade event in Zaragoza. Four years ago I got on www.vrbo.com (vacation rental by owner) and found this condo overlooking the Med. (It is owned by a wonderful woman from LA who seems almost like family now.) Our family (minus Jeff who was in Basic Training) enjoyed a week here and this was our time to come back...just Liz and me this time...for some R&R. This was a great use of frequent flyer miles! This is my favorite place to be.

We arrived into Malaga on Saturday afternoon and opted to take the bus here instead of renting a car--very convenient. We got settled in time to take a swim in the Med--warmly refreshing and silky smooth.

I won´t write much more since this is time to live life...not write about it and we´re planning on every day, between now and Saturday to be the same: Get up...take a walk...go to the beach...swim out to the bouys...sit under an umbrella and read and nap. Lunch at Ayo´s around 2pm for the (recognized) best paella in the world...back to the beach...repeat morning schedule...dinner...walk to town...get an icecream...walk home and go to bed. Just like vacation should be!


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