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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Only lame stuff happened on my birthday

Today's my birthday and a friend sent me an e-card from the History Channel that infomed me of all the great people who were born on August 2. You have to figure that 1/365th of our 6 billion plus people that are alive today and the countless who lived previously, that we'd find a few more notable people!

So today, honoring the 8 months we lived in Cosa Rica, I'm celebrating "Our Lady of the Angels" holiday that all true Costa Ricans celebrate!

1533 - Theodor Zwinger, Swiss scholar (d. 1588)
1672 - Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, Swiss scholar (d. 1733)
1674 - Philip II, Duke of Orléans, Regent of France (d. 1723)
1696 - Mahmud I, Ottoman Sultan (d. 1754)
1703 - Lorenzo Ricci, Italian Jesuit leader (d. 1775)
1754 - Pierre Charles L'Enfant, French-born architect and city planner (d. 1825)
1788 - Leopold Gmelin, German chemist (d. 1853)
1815 - Adolf Friedrich von Schack, German writer (d. 1894)
1834 - Frédéric Bartholdi, French sculptor (d. 1904)
1835 - Elisha Gray, American inventor and entrepreneur (d. 1901)
1865 - Irving Babbitt, American literary critic (d. 1933)
1868 - King Constantine I of Greece (d. 1923)
1871 - John French Sloan, American artist (d. 1951)
1875 - Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Russian-Lithuanian artist (d. 1957)
1878 - Georg Hackenschmidt, wrestler (d. 1968)
1882 - Red Ames, Baseball player (d. 1936)
1890 - Marin Sais, American actress (d. 1971)
1892 - Jack Warner, Canadian film producer (d. 1978)
1896 - Lorenzo Herrera, Venezuelan singer and composer (d. 1960)
1897 - Max Weber, Swiss Federal Councilor (d. 1974)
1899 - Charles Bennett, British screenwriter (d. 1995)
1900 - Helen Morgan, American actress (d. 1941)
1905 - Karl Amadeus Hartmann, German composer (d. 1963)
1905 - Myrna Loy, American actress (d. 1993)
1907 - Mary Hamman, American writer (d. 1984)
1910 - Roger MacDougall, writer (d. 1993)
1912 - Vladimir Zerjavic, Croatian statistician (d. 2001)
1914 - Beatrice Straight, American actress (d. 2001)
1915 - Gary Merrill, American actor (d. 1990)
1924 - James Baldwin, American author (d. 1987)
1924 - Carroll O'Connor, American actor (d. 2001)
1925 - Jorge Rafael Videla, Argentinian dictator
1925 - Alan Whicker, British journalist and broadcaster (“Whicker’s World”)
1930 - Vali Myers (artist), Australian painter (d. 2003)
1931 - Pierre DuMaine, Catholic bishop
1932 - Peter O'Toole, Irish-born actor
1934 - Valery Bykovsky, cosmonaut
1935 - Hank Cochran, American country music singer and songwriter
1937 - Garth Hudson, Canadian musician (The Band)
1939 - Wes Craven, American film director
1941 - Doris Coley, American singer (Shirelles) (d. 2000)
1942 - Isabel Allende, Chilean author
1943 - Max Wright, American actor
1945 - Joanna Cassidy, American actress
1945 - Alex Jesaulenko, Australian Rules footballer
1947 - Massiel, Spanish singer and Eurovision Song Contest winner
1948 - Andy Fairweather Low, British guitarist
1948 - Dennis Prager, American radio talk show host and author
1949 - James Fallows, journalist, The Atlantic Monthly.
1950 - Lance Ito, American judge
1951 - Andrew Gold, American singer, musician and songwriter
1953 - Butch Patrick, American actor
1954 - Sammy McIlroy, Northern Irish footballer and football manager
1955 - Caleb Carr, American novelist and military historian
1957 - Mojo Nixon, American musician and actor
1959 - Victoria Jackson, American comedian
1959 - Apollonia Kotero, American singer and actress
1960 - Neal Morse, American singer (ex-Spock's Beard and Transatlantic)
1961 - Linda Fratianne, American figure skater
1964 - Mary-Louise Parker, American actress
1966 - Tim Wakefield, baseball pitcher
1969 - Fernando Couto, Portuguese footballer
1969 - Richard Hallebeek, Dutch guitarist
1970 - Tony Amonte, American hockey player
1970 - Kevin Smith, American actor, director, and screenwriter
1971 - Michael Hughes, Northern Irish footballer
1972 - Justyna Steczkowska, Polish singer
1974 - Jeremy Castle, American singer and songwriter
1975 - Xu Huaiwen, Chinese-born badminton player
1975 - Mineiro, Brazilian footballer
1977 - Edward Furlong, American actor
1982 - Grady Sizemore, American baseball player
1982 - Hélder Postiga, Portuguese footballer
1986 - Mathieu Razanakolona, Malagasy skier
1988 - Brittany Hargest, singer, Jump5
1992 - Hallie Kate Eisenberg, American child actress

With the death of German President Paul von Hindenburg, Chancellor Adolf Hitler becomes absolute dictator of Germany under the title of Führer, or "Leader." The German army took an oath of allegiance to its new commander-in-chief, and the last remnants of Germany's democratic government were dismantled to make way for Hitler's Third Reich. The Führer assured his people that the Third Reich would last for a thousand years, but Nazi Germany collapsed just 11 years later.

August 2
1776 Delegates sign Declaration of Independence
On this day in 1776, members of Congress affix their signatures to an enlarged copy of the Declaration of Independence.
Fifty-six congressional delegates in total signed the document, including some who were not present at the vote approving the declaration. The delegates signed by state from North to South, beginning with Josiah Bartlett of New Hampshire and ending with George Walton of Georgia. John Dickinson of Pennsylvania and James Duane, Robert Livingston and John Jay of New York refused to sign. Carter Braxton of Virginia; Robert Morris of Pennsylvania; George Reed of Delaware; and Edward Rutledge of South Carolina opposed the document but signed in order to give the impression of a unanimous Congress. Five delegates were absent: Generals George Washington, John Sullivan, James Clinton and Christopher Gadsden and Virginia Governor Patrick Henry.

August 2
1876 "Wild Bill" Hickok is murdered
"Wild Bill" Hickok, one of the greatest gunfighters of the American West, is murdered in Deadwood, South Dakota.
Born in Illinois in 1837, James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok first gained notoriety as a gunfighter in 1861 when he coolly shot three men who were trying to kill him. A highly sensationalized account of the gunfight appeared six years later in the popular periodical Harper's New Monthly Magazine, sparking Hickok's rise to national fame. Other articles and books followed, and though his prowess was often exaggerated, Hickok did earn his reputation with a string of impressive gunfights.

Holidays and observances
Costa Rica - Our Lady of the Angels.
Bulgaria/Republic of Macedonia - Ilinden (St. Ilya Day), a day of remembrance of the Ilinden Uprising.
Feast day of Ilya the Prophet in the Russian Orthodox Church.
Roman Catholicism - the feasts of at least 4 saints:
St. Peter Julian Eymard
St. Stephen
St. Alphonsus Mary de Ligouri
St. Etheldritha/Alfrida
Day of Airborne Forces in Russia.
Tisha B'Av, Jewish Day of Mourning over the destruction of the First and Second Temples


At Thursday, August 03, 2006 7:16:00 AM, Anonymous Mark Howell said...

You can't go wrong being born on the same day as old Theodore Zwinger! After all, Ted was quite a guy! And so are you...



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