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Saturday, May 13, 2006

More thoughts on Glocalnet

A powerful day today with Loren Cunningham--founder of YWAM. Loren in unpretentious and is the only person I know of that has been in every country / protectorate of the world--including the world's smallest independent nation of Pitcairn Island where decendants of the Bounty settled. When Loren sets foot on a countries soil, he declares that Jesus is Lord over this nation and prays for God's kingdom to come.

There have been two great revolutions that have changed the way the gospel has gone forth. The first is the transportation revolution. We can, today, be any place in the world in the same amount of time it took Jesus to travel between Jerusalem and Galilee. It took Hudson Taylor six months to get to China. The second revolution is the communication revolution.

God is first identification of himself is as the creator God--"In the beginning God created..."

Four basics of Scripture
God--Infinite and personal
Man--Finite and personal
Truth--Constant and knowable
Responsibility--with consequences
  • Rewards for Obedience
  • Punishment for disobedience

Loren was recently asked to speak to a Muslim nation on the foundations of America's education system. Loren says that Exodus 33:22, where God is described as lawgiver, judge, and King, is the formation of the 3 branches of our government and Exodus 18 is the backdrop to a sytem of courts.

The most interesting part was him telling about his son, David, who is a Hollywood director--Mr. Cunningham is an international filmmaker who has directed and produced a number of motion picture and television projects in 40 countries worldwide. He is the founder and President of the Los Angeles-bases production company Pray for Rain Pictures Inc. Some of his former clients include Japanese NHK Television, The Family Channel, ABC, CNN, Discovery Channel, Disney, Sony Pictures, and CBS. He has directed such films as "To End All Wars" and has an intercessory prayer team (that is shown in credits) on his film team.


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