loren Eric Swanson: PEACE Plan--Inaugural Service

Sunday, September 18, 2005

PEACE Plan--Inaugural Service

While at the Family Fix-it Day I read in the Orange County Register that Rick Warren was going to "ask his congregation to get behind his global PEACE Plan, an ambitious aagenda of worldwide missionary work that includes sending hundreds--potentially thousands of Orange County residents to the Third World." Donny and I caught the 4:30 service and it was incredible! In the courtyard people were lining up for a large boxes with PEACE printed on the side. These were to be filled with suggested items for Katrina victims. Another major section was filled with boxes that were the small group leader's kit containing the DVD, devotionals, etc for "40 Days of Peace." After a couple of songs Rick gave the introductory talk of on the PEACE initiative. His outline was very simple:
I. The Basis
II. The Barriers
III. The Benefits

He closed his message by saying, "I often have asked God, "Why us?" and I am yet to hear an answer. But I do know that we are here to make a difference. I invite you to not watch history happen but to make history happen. My job, as your pastor, is to help you become what you don't think you can become but God wants you to become. When I shared this plan with Billy Graham, he told me it was the 'best plan I have ever heard. I just wish I could be around to see it.' But you will be around.

I was pretty much blown away by the potential of PEACE. This will be VERY big! It will affect thousands of churches and millions of believers. It will take externally focused from the fringe to the center of what churches are about. The wave has turned out to be a coming tsunami. Can't wait to be a part of all God does.


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