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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

PEACE plan

During the 25th anniversary celebration of Saddleback Community Church, Pastor Rick Warren laid out his much awaited PEACE plan. This is a very significant initiative for those churches that are seeking to be more externally focused. It's like my friend Rick Rusaw says, "This wave (to be externally focused) is caused by God that we are riding or started by men that God is blessing...but either way the wave is here." Here is the essense of the plan...

He then went on to unveil and outline the PEACE Plan, his aggressive and progressive vision to mobilize the American church to help churches in the developing world take on problems so big that no government - not even the United Nations -- can tackle what he called “these giants” alone."Our goal will be to enlist 'one billion foot soldiers for the Kingdom of God,' who will permanently change the face of international missions to take on these five "global giants" for which the church can become the ultimate distribution and change agent to overcome Spiritual Emptiness, Self-serving Leadership, Poverty, Disease and ignorance (or illiteracy)," he said.Warren further explained that through the PEACE plan, small groups from hundreds of thousands of churches will attack these giants, armed with "five smooth stones" of
(P) - Planting Churches,
(E) - Equipping Leaders,
(A) - Assisting the Poor,
(G) - Caring for the Sick and
(E) - Educating the Next Generation.

The special Sunday afternoon service celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Saddleback Church and the founding of the Purpose Driven Movement, which has transformed millions of lives through tens of thousands of churches in 150 countries. The church has grown to 20,000 members since the humble beginnings of the ministry with seven people meeting in Pastor Rick and Kay Warren’s apartment in 1980.Since the Purpose Driven Movement began, millions of lives have been transformed through tens of thousands of churches in 150 countries. Over 350,000 pastors and leaders in 120 countries have been trained in Purpose Driven Seminars, and over 20,000 churches in 28 countries have completed 40 Days of Purpose.

Here are Jay Lorenzen's comments upon hearing the PEACE PLAN
I’ve been at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit all day. Refreshing and challenging as always. Rick Warren referred to his vision for how a network of millions of churches could tackle “problems so big no government can solve them . . . ” He’s launched what he calls a global P.E.A.C.E. initiative. I’m including it here because I think the church of Jesus Christ is seriously coming together to wed “word and deed.” As my buddy Chip says, “I see it everywhere. God is moving the church to a new level of commitment beyond merely sharing the gospel with the lost. The church of Jesus Christ is seriously going after injustice.” I think he’s right. And, if “ministry to the poor” is common to all movements, then these commitments bode well for the church.
P.E.A.C.E. is an acronym that stands for:Plant ChurchesEquip Servant LeadersAssist the PoorCare for the SickEducate the Next Generation


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