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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Leadership Community in Omaha

We just finished an incredible day of the final gathering of the second Leadership Community for Externally Focused Churches, hosted by Christ Community Church (CCC) in Omaha. We started the day gathering for lunch in the foyer of the church. CCC has an incredible hospitality staff and midwest cooking is their specialty. After lunch we began our meetings with our Fast Fire Updates--a quick report out by the churches on the progress they have made in the past six months. We then heard from Jack Jezreel of JustFaith.org. Jack's message was absolutely incredible. Because all of our sessions are digitally captured, I will drop Jack's text into the blog when it is cleaned up a bit...but it will be worth the wait!

After Jack's message, churches broke out to reflect and compare and contrast Jacks model for ministry with their own and reported out on what they learned. Afterwards we were treated to one of the best meals I've had...all hosted anc prepared by CCC--barbecued Rib-eye steaks, incredible potatoes, baby asparagas and incredible brandied peaches and vanilla bean ice cream. Because Omaha is the home of the College Work Series, the CCC gang organized a great game of softball...to help us digest the food. What could have amounted to one of the greatest sports come-backs ever was cut short because of darkness. More tomorrow


At Tuesday, September 06, 2005 7:42:00 AM, Blogger djchuang said...

Thrilled to see your work with these leadership communities; had taken your book (Externally Focused Churches) with me on a recent business trip, but didn't too far into it, b/c I got distracted.. but it's definitely on my short list of next books to read!

(I got to sit in and watch a leadership community for multi-site churches earlier this year, and was excited to see what God's doing in churches around the country in all sorts of innovative ways)


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