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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Family Fix-it in Fullerton

Yesterday my friend Don Wilcox and I joined a great team at EvFree Fullerton (What does the "v" stand for again!?!?) to join a small team of people doing "Family Fix-it Day"-- (from the Website) "A church-wide service ministry to seniors, single parents, and others in need. Work teams are formed to serve needs within the church, once a month on a prearranged Saturday morning. Teams are made up of professional and nonprofessionals who give of their time and services to volunteer to do services such as yard work, house cleaning, window washing, home repairs, etc. all these services are done with the desire to take care of members of the family who can no longer keep up with these responsibilities due to failing health." We worked with a dear couple in their 80s with cleaning and yardwork--uprooting a large Juniper bush planted 40 years ago......ooooooh....my back! The couple was very sweet! After working they commented that apart from all the work we got done the thing that meant the most was the fellowship we shared...Hey the bearclaws and coffee were not bad either.


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