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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ministries and Movements

Last week Layo Lieva from San Salvador contrasted the difference between ministries and movements of God's Spirit. It is very informative and challenging and part of a greater message some of which will be articulated in another blog entry.
Ministry is conversion--Movement is transformation
Ministry is control--Movement is empowerment
Ministry is one generation--Movement is 4 generations
Ministry is short term because one generation runs out--Movement is long term
Ministry consumes resources, always a need for subsidy--Movement produces resources
Ministry is tiring and frustrating--Movement is renewal and strength
Ministry ends with you--Movement goes on with out you
Ministry is protective of turf because there is only one generation. Playing it safe--Movement is risk oriented. You put it all on the line for the movement
Ministry is limited scope of one audience or one place--Movement is unlimited in scope
Ministry is leader centered. Pastors or staff do everything. Like people watching a tennis match. The pros do the work, the amateurs watch--Movements make people lead. The leader’s role is to resource but not to shine
Ministry ends in death--Movement ends in reproductions


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