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Friday, June 10, 2005

Global Learning Community

Today we finished up with the fourth day of what we are calling "Global Learning Community"--a gathering of city leaders--half from the US and half from outside the US. We will meet six times over a three year period at Lost Antler Ranch in Estes Park Colorado. This was the second of our six meetings. The gatherings are built on the premise that all of us knows something, but none of us know everything about reaching the cities of the world. The qualifications to be part of this group are those who are practitioners and have the ability to convene the different sectors of their cities. Between the gatherings, each city team works on their "Action Plans" which flow from their "Strategic Plans"--a snapshot of their best thinking regarding bringing the life of the kingdom and the King into the city. We also read two or three cross-sector books between these gatherings and share with others what we are learning and how it applies to our situation. After presentations of information we propose questions like, "What did you hear?" and "What does it mean?"

To read a live blog capture of what we did, link to www.globallearncomm.blogspot.com


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