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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sharefest in Boulder

Yesterday (Saturday) three churches in Boulder took on the painting, cleaning, landscaping, window-washing of five public schools in Boulder. My wife Liz, daughter Kacey and her fiance Erik Olson painted the front office of a middle school which we will finish this morning. From my church, 700 people (of a church w/ a weekly attendance of ~1000) took on three schools. It was quite "amazing" as on vice-principal said. Last year our church did the same thing but this year was different. Last year we refurbished three different schools. We did it FOR these folks. This year we did it WITH them. So my family passed the day with the vice-principal, some with the principal, a secretary and her husband. We talked about life, we talked about faith, laughing and working side by side. Today we will finish our work (all church services are cancelled) and then go to Mackey Auditorium at the University of Colorado campus for a joint worship service.

Well, my friend from Oslo, Jan Siervaag, has come up and is instructing Don Wilcox, Rich Lotterhos, and John Lamb in the use of nordic walking sticks. We are learning to "walk like a Norwegian"--four miles! These Norwegians are tough. A few years ago, Jan lost 68 pounds. As he told his wife,"He was fifty, fat and finished" but now is proclaiming that he's "sixty, svelt and sexy."


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