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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Quiet Time for Secular Man

Bob Buford gave me a valuable gift when I stopped by his office a couple of weeks ago. It is a book called, "The Daily Drucker"--366 days laid out like "My Utmost for His Highest." The editor perused articles and books by Drucker and has extracted the gems. So after a Psalm, a Proverb and Book of the Month, I delve into Drucker. If you are not familiar with "the father of modern management" this book is a great place to start...on whatever day you start. In the forward by Jim Collins, Collins talks about stopping by to interview Drucker in his home.
"At one point during my day with Druckier, I asked, 'Which of your twenty-six books are you most proud of?' 'The next one,' snapped Drucker.'

Collins concludes, "Most management gurus are driven to say something; Drucker is driven to learn someting. Drucker's work is interesting--he is interesting--because, to borrow a phrase from the late John Gardner, he remains relentlessly interested.


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