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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bob Dozier--Tax Man

I got my taxes done yesterday...in less than an hour from my long-time tax man, Bob Dozier. I love meeting with Bob because he is so passionate about his work. He LOVES tax season. He licks his accounting chops at every correct document I pull out and then he enters it into the computer. I love recommending Bob to my friends. My willingness to refer Bob to my friends made me think, "What makes Bob so 'recommendable?'"

1) Bob is passionate about his work. He is doing what God designed him to do.
2) He's enjoyable to be with. He has a contagious smile and though not spared from the hurt and tragedies of life, he remains upbeat and enthusiastic.
3) He is completely competent. He is an expert in his craft.
4) He is current--he keeps up with every change in the tax law.
5) He operates with integrity.
6) He charges a fair price and saves me money….yep, we’re getting a refund.
Would that all of us be so referable to others, huh? Thanks Bob for making your job look like so much fun!


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