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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Australia with my brother

Australia is a great place but for us the best part was hanging out with my brother and his family who live in Brisbane. Bruce and part of the fam met us coming off the plane at the Brisbane airport. After having a "cuppa" and icecream cone at McDonalds, we went to stay w/neice Brenda and her husband Christian for three nights before heading up to the Sunshine Coast. They have a wonderful 2 1/2 year old who is just adorable (one day older than our grandson Gentry). It was so good to be with them. Two years ago December they very sadly lost their two year old son Tommy. We went to the children's cemetery where Tommy is buried. This was the first time Liz and I had been back to Australia since his death. Brenda and Chistian showered us with hospitality and Christian probably fixes the best "flat white" coffee in Australia and Brenda delighted us with the speshes she whipped up.
Liz and I then drove up to my brother's place where we had lunch (mmmmmmmm....mango and chicken salad on the patio) before driving to Caloundra Beach at the Sunshine Coast. Bruce and Lynn Maree had rented a three bedroom condo for a few nights and with thier son sam, my neice Lyn and her husband Simon and their two darling girls (Georgie and Rosie), we had a ball. I am fortunate to say that my brother and his family are absolutely a delight to be with. They showered us with hospitality and good Aussie tucker (snags, chooks, chops, fish and chips etc). It was hard to say goodbye but there has been a good flow of family going in both directions so we hope its not too long before we get to repeat the above.


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