loren Eric Swanson: Australia with Eoghn

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Australia with Eoghn

Sunday morning I met Liz in Sydney, arriving from SFO about the same time Sunday morning I arrived from Auckland. Sam Liz and I drove to the city center to see the Opera House and the

Harbor Bridge. Liz and I arranged to meet Eoghn at Cronulla Beach (http://www.cronullabeachyha.com/cronulla-tourist-information/). Eoghn lived with us his senior year of high school back in 1998-1999. He was a great kid and has now grown into a wonderful father and husband. After renting a car we had wanted to meet them at a place that had shady trees, access to restaurants and a place to take a dip. Wouldn’t you know they could fill the bill so easily! Sydney is a beautiful city. That night we went to eat at an all-you-can-eat place w/ ham, lamb, a giant roast beef, fish, Chinese food, all the fixing. The next day after coffee and a full Aussie breakfast (minus the baked beans) we took off for the Blue Mountains and took a “bushwalk” to see the “Three Sisters” up close and then stopped at the cafe at which Eoghn's sister was working (see picture). By the time we got back to Eoghn’s place it was time to get our laundry off the line and head to the airport to fly to Brisbane.


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