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Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Treasures from the Garage

We made great progress in cleaning out Mom and Dad's garage yesterday. Between trips to the Salvation Army and loading up vans and trucks for the dump we found some great treasures--a Laugh-in ("Sock it to me") thermos, a bridesmaid dress that my sister wore in our wedding, an autograph from Dick VanDyke from 1964, which my sister claimed she's been looking for for over 30 years, a box of albums from the 40s,a box of Look and Life magazines from the 40s-70s, some high school game films, a bb gun I won selling all-occasion cards when I was ten, two sets of guns and (leather) holsters, Roy Rogers scarf and gloves that I have not seen since 1958 or so. The garage was like a sealed time-capsule and we were like kids in a candy store.

One of the highlights was when 46 year old sister Wendy found her Lincoln High Cheerleading outfit and led us (and the neighborhood) in a series of cheers. After cleaning things up and cleaning ourselves up we all went out to In-N-Out Burger for dinner. Couldn't have been a better day.

One more thing...I've been working on putting together old photos in Shutterfly (www.shutterfly.com) albums. The latest one to arrive yesterday was the story of Mom and Dad. They were high school sweethearts I had quite a few pics to work with. From Dad's Navy records and a two-page poem he wrote to Mom, I was able to reconstruct his Navy career in WWII. It's a very cool technology to archive family treasures.


At Sunday, July 08, 2007 8:31:00 PM, Blogger Andy McCullough said...

Wow Dick Van Dyke's autograph! And the year he made Mary Poppins and was still playing "Rob Petrie". I would have claimed I was looking for that too.


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