loren Eric Swanson: Mariners

Friday, June 15, 2007


Yesterday was another great day in Southern California. In the afternoon I was at Mariners Church in Irvine meeting with Laurie and (briefly with) Kenton Beshore. Laurie is Pastor of Local and Global Outreach and is one of those big-hearted people who is intent on changing the world. Laurie did a great job as a keynote speaker at the Externally Focused Conference a few weeks ago and she understands the heart and soul of externally focused ministry like few people in the world. Mariners has a great history of getting out of the way and releasing people in ministry. They come alongside of and empower and learn from those who are doing ministry--whether those folks be in Santa Ana or Sri Lanka. "If you compass is set in the right direction and you align your heart with God's heart, it will all come together as God will show you what to do." That's Laurie's ministry philosophy. It's not about conformity to a program. It is empowering people.


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