loren Eric Swanson: May 2007

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Kingdom Assignment Well Done Awards

Yesterday Liz and I, Sam and Nancy Williams, my pastor, Tom Shirk and his wife Lucy and another couple from church flew to SNA to be part of Denny and Leesa Bellesi's "Well Done" Awards for Kingdom Assignments. If you are not familiar with this incredible concept, click on www.kingdomassignment.com. Well Done Award were given to individuals / entities that had multiplied the scope of Kingdom Assignment or did something incredible with talent, treasure or time. It was a great trip. Leesa is one of those rare individuals who is connected to everyone and when she throws a party, people show up in droves. Chris Sligh and Katherine McPhee (from American Idol) performed along with a hiphop dance trupe, Chris Gardner (from Pursuit of Happiness) and plenty of great recipients of this award. Sam and I (representing Tango) thought we were going to get a Well Done award but were shocked when our plaque read "Medium Rare." But it was a good evening none-the-less. Of course Sam, Liz and I took advantage of a few photo ops.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Wilcox Wedding and Estes Park

After the conference we went to Estes Park for a family reunion now that the Wilcox, Swanson and Lamb families are officially related through mixed marriages. Estes Park is beautiful this time of year.

Externally Focused Conference. Now What?

If you missed the conference but would like to experience what 600 folks experienced on May 21-22, click on http://www.best-christian-conferences.com/bcc/store/Scripts/orderform.asp?id=5914

We are scheduling another Externally Focused Conference for May 5-6, 2008 and we are investigating the possibilities of some one-day venues.

Also, it makes sense to have some type of platform to showcase what folks are doing around the world. More info to follow

Externally Focused Conference--Day 2

It's hard to believe it is over but Day 2 of the Externally Focused Conference at LifeBridge Christian Church is Longmont is in the history books. And it was by any measure...a very good conference. As my wife Liz said, "This was more than a 'how-to' conference. This was a heart of Jesus conference."

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin from Potter's House in Jacksonville led off on Tuesday morning. He was incredible and left all of us wanting more. But there were more seminars to attend before breaking for lunch. After our third session of seminars and a break it was time for Eli Morris of Hope Presbyterian Church in Cordova, TN to bring us home. And bring us home he did--with practical principles and powerful stories. Couldn't have ended on a better note.

I've hardly even mentioned the worship and cop who shared his externally focused story from Christmas eve, the Apple / Microsoft ("I'm an internally focused church....And I'm an externally Focused Church) video and the incredibly friendly and helpful volunteers at LifeBridge. Wow! They hit it out of the park!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Externally Focused Conference

Just wrapping up the first day of the Externally Focused Conference at LifeBridge Church in Longmont Colorado. There is a great turnout. Hundreds of people have come from all over the U.S. to be part of this first event. Its been wonderful to see faces of old friends.

We have some great keynote speakers--Laurie Beshore from Mariners Church, Rick Rusaw of LifeBridge, Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin from the Potters House in Jacksonville and Eli Morris from Hope Presbyterian. Additionally we have 24 workshops during three different breakout session. There was great energy in the room. Tim Foot, LifeBridge worship director and his team composed new worship songs for this event--very impactful. Laurie Beshore did a great opening message. She told her story and the story of Mariners. As the pastor of outreach (both local and global) she has seen the externally focused budget go from $10,000 a few years ago to nearly $2 million today. I loved what Laurie said about how they get things done. "It's passionate capable leaders finding passionate, capable leaders. Laurie would never describe herself as a speaker...at best she would say she is a "reluctant speaker" (voted most shy in Jr. High). And yet God is using her in a mighty way. This last month she represented the faith community at the White House. Throughout her riviting message, you could have heard a pin drop. What a gift to the kingdom she is.

After Laurie, we had our first breakout sessions were packed. Heard great things about all the seminars. The LifeBridge staff and volunteers are doing such a great job hosting this event. After the seminar we came together for another main session with Rick as the keynote. Rick is one of the passionate, capable leaders who also did a great job from the front. Then we were done for the evening. I love the schedule.....Registration at noon on Monday. First session at 2pm and we are done at 6pm! And Colorado in May is spectacular!