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Saturday, July 08, 2006

I agree with Mel

Last night we went to Pasta Jay's on Pearl Street with the Lambs and Wilcoxes to celebrate Donny's birthday. This is probably the first time, in the past fifteen years we have not gone to the world's best restaurant--Efrain's so it felt a bit like we were committing culinary adultery but it was a great evening none-the-less. Afterwards we walked around the mall, experiencing the ambiance of a summer night in Boulder--replete with didgereedoo players, hillbilly bands, balloon men, magicians and the like. The only conspicuous absentee was Zip Code Man--who can name any town from any Zip Code you give him...and visa versa.

Afterwards we walked up to my work place and had some leftover German Chocolate Cake. I also pulled out 15 T-shirts from a failed evangelistic campaign entitled, "I agree with Mel." Since Muriel Wilcox's nickname is Mel, I thought it would be a perfect gift but was totally scoffed at. This morning however when Mel showed up for her morning walk with Liz (they've walked together nearly every morning for the past 15 years), Mel was wearing her shirt and Liz went and put hers on and off they went. By the way, if you'd like a free "I agree with Mel" T-shirt, send me your shirt size and mailing address.


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