loren Eric Swanson: Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest

Friday, July 07, 2006

Nathan's Hotdog Eating Contest

How great was watching Nathan's Hotdog eating contest last night on TV. All I have to say is that people that train eating 30-40 hotdogs daily are really skinny. My conclusion? I need to eat more hotdogs! (From http://www.gambling911.com/070406daily.html) It was an admirable battle today as five-time weiner champ Takeru Kobayashi out chomped Joey Chestnut. In the end, Kobayashi ate an amazing 53¾ frankfurters in 12 minutes to win the annual Independence Day hot dog eating competition on Coney Island.
Joey Chestnut had swallowed 52 Nathan's franks -- just chunks away from Kobayashi's winning amount. However, Chestnut can be proud with his gut-busting feat, as he just set an American record.
Our favorite pick, Sonya Thomas, a.k.a. the "Black Widow' tied her record of last year of 37 hot dogs. Had she beat that, the 'over' proposition offered by
PinnacleSports.com would of paid $6 for every $5 wager.
Although Sonya Thomas did not win, she came in third which is admirable considering her beefy competition.
Thanks to
Gothamist.com for blogging the event live, and providing us with the live results.