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Friday, May 19, 2006

The DaVinci Comatose

I wish I had better things to write about the Movie, The DaVinci Code. Liz fell asleep on three separate occassions, my daugther zzzzzz'd through much of it and I admit dozing off myself. I loved the book but then again I read it as a fictional novel. Ron Howard changed too many things in the movie and in the process lost the essence of a great story. The "story" always involves a battle to fight and a beauty to win. The battle to fight was Robert Langdon and Sofie Neveu's quest to find the "grail." But where was the beauty to win? By casting the young Audrey Tautou alongside the 50-year-old Tom Hanks could only reduce Langdon as a protective father figure. At the end of the movie, he kisses her on the forehead. Battle to fight, beauty to win? No way! As a sidenote, did it ever occur to anyone that in Dan Brown's fictional work, where he writes, (something to the extent that) "Fact: all locations, organizations, documents, etc. are real" is a statement of fiction?

Having read the book, I was pretty disappointed with the movie--maybe...3 stars


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