loren Eric Swanson: Southern Calfornia Leadership Community--Day 2

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Southern Calfornia Leadership Community--Day 2

Had a powerful day today as we completed the second full day of this gathering of this last Leadership Community for Externally Focused Churches. Participant showed up with their "A" game, working collaboratively towards creating a future that does not yet exist. I look at the morning of the second day of such communities as the pivotal time in the life of a leadership community because this is when we focus on "what could be." If this is done right...if people can think outside the box, then the "what will be" time will be much more fruitful and productive.

This morning was an exceptional time. One thing that added to the energy of the room was folks from a few additional Southern California churches who joined with us for the morning--a couple leaders from First Baptist Lakewood...including a good friend, Tom Virtue, Phill Longmire from Skyline Wesleyan in San Diego and four young leaders from Mosaic.

The afternoon was dedicated to working as churches in their strategic planning and action learning plans followed by a dinner together at Colima's Mexican restaurant.


At Thursday, March 30, 2006 10:12:00 AM, Blogger Phillip said...

This was a lot of fun...it was an honor to be invited and thrilling to be in a room with such great leaders and future leaders.

It really gives a lot of hope for the future of So CAL and the church at large...

I am looking forward to working with these guys for many years to come...

Thanks Eric for the opportunity...



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