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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Campus Crusade Gulf Coast Story

Over Spring Break 10,000 student from Campus Crusade took a week off to work in the gulf coast. They invited friends and other campus organizations to join them. Last week they were featured on CNN with Anderson Cooper. Believers and skeptics working side-by-side. Below is a story the Chip Sqivicque sent me in the context of a working group he is leading for Campus Crusade on good news and good deeds. My preliminary thinking is that this month of Spring Breaks accomplished more for the kingdom than anyone dreamed possible. The sun is peaking over the horizon. Its a new day.

My name is Corrie and I am a student involved in Campus Crusade
at a college in Texas. When I received Rick's email asking that we send stories
I was excited at the invitation because my heart has been so burdened to
share with others what God did at the New Orleans spring break trip. We
had about 95 students total join us on our trip to N.O. and about 25-30%
were people who have never even stepped foot in a Crusade meeting, some
not even in a church. I had the privilege of being teamed up with five
students who came from our transexual, gay and lesbian organization on
campus. We quickly made relationships with these students through
working together, eating together and living together all week long. It
was the most amazing experience to have an entire week devoted to
sharing our lives with one another. Almost all five of the students had
spiritual conversations with various students from our team and other
students we brought from Crusade. At our first CRU meeting back, all
five of our new friends showed up and expressed that they have never
felt so loved and accepted by a group of people in their lives and that
we have completely changed their opinion of christians, which in their
experience have always been hypocritical and judgemental. I'm so excited
to see how God is going to work in their lives and how he is going to
grow us as a body as we learn how to minister to their needs. This is my
third year involved in Crusade and I feel as though this is the best
thing we have done as an organization. I hope that God provides
opportunities in the future for us to live out the missional life in
such an impactful way. This is just one of many amazing stories from
our school's experience at New Orleans Spring Break '06.
I hope you have many more encouraging stories overflowing your inbox!


At Thursday, March 30, 2006 7:07:00 AM, Anonymous rob said...

I don't know if they were featured on MSNBC or not, but they were on CNN with Anderson Cooper.


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