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Friday, October 07, 2005

Tulsa Cornerstone Assistance Network

Yesterday I was in Tulsa to be with Chris and Anna Beach, directors of Tulsa Cornerstone Assistance Network. Cornerstone is a great Picture of how one couple with a God-given vision can impact and change the world. They are currently networking 315 churches of Tulsa. The great thing about their ministry is they really do assist churches love and serve their community (as opposed to asking churches to help them accomplish their ministry.) Among the beautiful things about their model is that people in need are connected relationally to churches and caring people in those churches.

From the Website (www.tulsacan.org)Cornerstone Assistance Network assembles partnerships and collaborations that connect and equip churches and ministries to transform lives through services that show the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

Housed in our new Community Missions Resource Center, a 32,000-square-foot multipurpose facility, Cornerstone provides churches and ministries with more resources to better reach out and transform the lives of the thousands of hurting people in our community.
As the intermediary for the Oklahoma Faith-Based Liaison office in eastern Oklahoma, Cornerstone relies on its facilities to provide:• Space for ministry training• Collection area for donated food, clothes, furniture, appliances, and household items• Car repair space for churches to use for extensive repairs and for a backup to their own car care clinics• Computer collection and repair area to help churches establish computer labs• Conference space for ministry workshops• Storage area for donated paint and construction materials• Space for printing press operations• Kitchen, showers, lockers, and lunchroom• Parking area for donated cars• Cornerstone's Work Opportunity Center for job training opportunities


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