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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Back from Spain

Our holiday in Spain was great! We rented a condo overlooking the Med on VRBO.com (Vacation Rental by Owner) from a wonderful and dear woman from who lives in LA. I'll attach a video of the view from our balcony. We couldn't think of a more spectacular and beautiful place to be.

Every day was Liz and I took a nice long walk through town, sometimes stopping for breakfast at a little cafe overlooking the Med. Then we'd go down to the beach, and go for a swim (it's amazing how boyant one is in salt water, so swiming a third of a mile was pretty easy), and then plop ourselves on beach chairs under a couple of umbrellas and read. Liz picked up some trashy Christian romance novels (e.g. "the heaving bosom of Abraham") from Church and read the usual stuff I read. Around 2pm we'd walk down to Ayo's for paella for a long lunch then back to more doing of nothing. It was great! At night we'd walk to town for dinner and just walking around. In many countries of the world, the homes are modest but the public places are spectacular, so folks dress up and meet others in town. Benches and sitting places are plentiful and people gather and talk.

One of the highlights of being in Spain was being part of the crowd that watched Spain defeat both Russia and Germany to win the Eurocup--for the first time in 44 years! The Eurocup is played every 4 years so it alternates every two years with the World Cup, which is also on a 4 year rotation. It was quite a celebration!


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