loren Eric Swanson: Missional Renaissance--Day 2

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Missional Renaissance--Day 2

Great day finishing up the first of four two-day gatherings for the Missional Renaissance Leadership Community. In the 1400's the banking family, the Medicis, brought into the city of Florence, the best artists, architects, mathematicians, writers, etc. From the interaction between the sectors, and the cross-pollinization of ideas, some argue (specifically Frans Johanson in his book, the Medici Effect) that this interaction actually caused the Renaissance.

This Leadership Community is built on the same premise. Through generous sponsorship (LCs are 70% donor sponsored) we attempt to bring into the same space cross-domain leaders from the church, business, non-profits, education and see what just might happen. One of the distinguishing characteristics of LCs is that they are action oriented. So each gathering ends with a declaration of what they intend to get done the next six months.

As we ended our time Reggie McNeal brought some plaster replicas of Michelangelo's David's eyes. Interestingly, the pupils are in the shape of hearts. Some speculate that this was a "delight factor" that Michelangelo chiseled in to remind us that David was a man after God's own heart.


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