loren Eric Swanson: Trick or Treat

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

This evening Liz and I went up to Longmont to have dinner with Jeffrey, Ashlie and Gentry and then to go Trick or Treat with them. Gentry was so cute--"Trick or Treat." Apart from getting candy from Satan's house we had a fun time.

I realize some people prefer "Harvest Parties" at the church but I took my Andy, Jeff and Kacey one year to a harvest party where they were required to dress as "biblical characters." Jeff went as Lazarus risen (so he looked like the Mummy), Andy went as John the Baptist holding his own head and Kacey went as the Witch of Endor. We found it was easier just to Trick or Treat in the neighborhood.


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