loren Eric Swanson: Ministry Goals for 2006

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ministry Goals for 2006

Personal 2006 Mission: To engage the church worldwide in the needs and dreams of their communities towards the end of spiritual and societal transformation

Strategic Involvements
Leadership Network
o Leadership Community Director
o Writing
o Coaching
o Identification of new leaders / churches
o Local Execution
o National Consultation
o International Equipping
Campus Crusade for Christ
o International Training and Leadership Development Conference / Retreats / Speaking / Consultation

Strategic Objectives
Coach 3rd Leadership Community—meetings 3 & 4
Begin 3rd and 4th Leadership Community—meetings 1 & 2
Convene Global Learning Community for city-reachers
Strategically spread the virus of externally focused church through hubs and connectors
Create and sponsor intellectual capital / resources for externally focused churches
o Publish three articles in Leadership Journal, Outreach, etc
o Oversee 3-5 Externally Focused Concept Papers
o Write 2 LN Advance articles that feature breakthrough churches and ideas
o Life on Loan published
o Church on Loan written and published
o City-Reaching book written and published
o Live capture of LC meetings
Finish coursework (1 class) for Doctorate in Transformational Leadership / Begin dissertation
Sponsor people with big ideas / breakthrough potential
Use resources to bless people and build the kingdom of God


At Friday, January 13, 2006 9:51:00 PM, Blogger McRyanMac said...

You gotta beef up your goals for this year.


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