loren Eric Swanson: Baby Gentry at 3 Months

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Baby Gentry at 3 Months

What a difference three months makes! On Friday, Liz and I drove to Artesia, New Mexico to be with Jeff's wife, Ashlie, her family and our new grandson. Need I say it? "He is so cute and so sweet and the spitting image of Jeff when he was a baby. We arrived on Friday afternoon and just sort of hung out till the Cauhape's took all of us to dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant called La Fonda. Great food and fellowship. While we were just sitting down, Ashlie's sister, her husband Brent and their baby Christian arrived. We had a great time and the fajitas were all time. Jeff married into a great family. On Saturday we organized a bit of touch rugby for Ashlie's brother and some of his buddies...I'm still sore.


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