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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cal-Stanford Game

I’ve got a few late blog entries. I left on a 9 day trip…left my powercord for my computer sitting on the kitchen table, threw in my car Ipod adapter instead of my Blackberry power cord so I had to be pretty conservative in my digital world until Dell could overnight a power cord and I could find a car adopter from Verizon.

On Saturday Liz and I drove with Don and Mel Wilcox down to Palo Alto for the 108th Cal-Stanford football game—known provincially as the “Big Game.” Don and I both played at Cal during the Jim Plunkett years so we’ve decided that as long as we can we’ll commit to being at the USC or UCLA-Cal home game, the Big Game and whatever bowl game Cal might be invited to. Last year at the Holiday Bowl we hooked up with a bunch of old team mates, most of whom we hadn’t seen in over 30 years, and had a ball. This year was no different. My good friend Bob Swenson had a tail gate party before the game and after the game (Cal won…Go Bears!) we stopped by another tail gate where a bunch of other players were hanging out. We’ll hook up again at the bowl game—hopefully Insight Bowl in Tempe.

After the game we went to Fenton’s Creamery for dinner and ice cream (and went to Top Dog in Berkeley before driving to Palo Alto). Virtually the perfect day. I have attached a picture of the perfect "German" from Top Dog...the best!


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