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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cal-USC Game

A disappointing loss to USC yesterday. It was two years ago that Cal upset SC in a triple overtime game at Memorial Stadium. But this was not to be repeated yesterday. Cal just doesn't have the horses this year. As Cal fans we must learn to have the patience of Job. Actually Job could probably pick up a few pointers from die-hard Cal fans. Cal has suffered since their last Rose Bowl appearance in 1959. One thing Cal fans learn to do is find their joy in other things besides a victory. One of those is a visit to Top Dog on Durant Street. Top Dog opened in 1966 and has not changed their menu in nearly 40 years. The dogs and buns are grilled and there is nothing like them. Then of course there is Fenton's Creamery at 4226 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. I've been eating the Black and Tan (toasted almond and vanilla--I substitute the swiss milk chocolate, chocolate fudge and home-made caramel sauce) since 1970...unbelievably good. Fenton's has been around since 1894 and the recipes for generations. There is no bad day...even a losing day...when it includes Top Dog and Fentons!

And we did meet some good SC folks. I had a couple extra tickets and before the game and lunch at Top Dog, we met a couple from SC who needed tickets--Gary and Vanesca Frueholz. Real, longtime SC fans. Don and I were sitting near the top row in the endzone and early in the game his digital camera slid out of his coat pocket and slid 30 rows forward--an impossible find amidst a packed stadium. But after the game Donny offerred $20 to the son of some SC fans. And the kid was a genius and he found the camera


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