loren Eric Swanson: The Humpty Dumpty Church

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Humpty Dumpty Church

I'm in Knoxville today with a good friend, Andy Rittenhouse. Andy leads Compassion Coalition (www.compassioncoalition.org) a wonderful intermediary that harnesses the compassion of 120 churches in the Knoxville area. They are a great model worth emulating of the power between linking churches with social services agencies, business and government to accomplish what may seem impossible. Recently the mayor called on Compassion Coalition (CC) to provide for the 8,000 evacuees of Katrina. They stepped up to the plate and within 24 hours were able to train thousands of volunteers for their work with evacuees.

CC is helping to change the face of the church in America. Many churches are like Humpty Dumpty--a huge head with a big mouth and itty bitty hands and feet. But the world is looking for a church with broad shoulders and big hands. CC, through its mission, "to inform, prepare and unite churches to transform lives and communities through the love of Christ," is helping to build such churches. Thanks Andy.


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