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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Houses that Change the World by Wolfgang Simson

From Houses that Change the World by Wolfgang Simson

(Big Idea) If people are attracted to Jesus but turned off to the Church then the key is to make the church more like Jesus

[1990 Survey in Amsterdam] 100% of people interested in God…1% interested in the church

The church is a high input, low output structure.

“The core secret of followers of Christ…in doing the work of Jesus is not having sufficient academic and statistical proof before they act, but having the faithful and obedient desire to follow Christ’s word and do what he said, no matter what, when, where or who has gone before.” P. xxix

Luther changed the content of the gospel but didn’t change the structure of the worship service. P. 7

“There are more than 30K denominations in the world today. How lucky you are to be in the one that is right.” P 10

“To church the unchurched we need to unchurch the church.” P. 12

“Churches are not only a way for us to express community, they are God’s means to achieve community.” P. 19

Perhaps a church of 45 that starts looking for rental space or an overhead projector has become too big. P. 25
In 380 AD House Churches were banned. P. 53


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