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Saturday, July 02, 2005

School of Leadership

A couple of months ago Rich Swanson asked me to take a morning and address the Campus Crusade's School of Leadership. The topic I requested was "Movements everywhere." The "school" consists of 20 days of classes and attracts movement leaders from the campus ministry, military ministy and others intent on honing their leadership skills.

The gauntet that Crusade President, Steve Douglas has laid down is this--"Launching movements everywhere so that everyone knows somebody who truly follows Jesus." To me that is captivating and compelling. How do we do that? For pioneers there (by definition) can never be a manual, but we can learn from others who have gone before. So my presentation was on principles of movement launching from others who have been successful or thought deeply abou this topic. So I addressed six areas we could learn from:
1. The church multiplication movement
2. Lessons from Layo Lieva (see earlier blog)
3. Lessons from St. Patrick and his ministry to the Celts
4. Lessons from John Wesley
5. Lessons from Luther
6. Lessons from the Jesuits

The class then broke into six different groups and constructed a movement launching model based on the best practices of the above six topics. They really did a great job integrating these lessons into applications for their ministries. Thanks for the opportunity to speak to this group Rich.


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