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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Sam Williams and I caught a plane for Mexico City yesterday afternoon and arrived by bus in Cuernavaca around 10:30 last night. We are here for a "congreso de pastores"--city leaders from Guadalajara, D.F., Monterey, Oaxaca, Reynosam Minatitlan, Cuernavace, etc. who are part of their own three-year "learning community"--something Agustin Garduno started as a result of his own involvement in the "Global Learning Community." This is the second time Sam and I have worked with these pastors, having come here the first time in February. We started the congreso (conference) with "la comida"--the big lunch meal of the day, and then broke into Fast-fire Updates, with each city reporting out on
Greatest success:
What's working:
What's stuck:
Greatest surprise:

It was pretty cool to see what God is doing here in Mexico on such a big scale. One thing that many cities had in common was the lack of discipleship. Mexicans are very responsive to the gospel but not that many are followed up or become part of a church. It struck me that Mexico is home to spiritual orphans and spiritually homeless. This group that convenes wants to be part of the solution. Agustin says, "making disciples is the most important part in making an impact. To disciple a city is to transform the city. Cities cannot be transformed by evangelism alone." So how does one "disciple a city?"

After the fast-fire update, Agustin asked me to speak on characteristics of externally focused churches. My six distinctions were:
1. Perspective: They think "kingdom" and not just "church"
2. Focus: They choose the window seat, not the aisle seat
3. Purpose: They do weight training not body building
4. Partnering: They build wells, not walls
5. Empowerment: They teach people how to fish as well as giving people fish
6. Outcomes: They know its the game, not the pregame talk that counts

Well apart from a minor case of "locksmith disease" (every ten minutes I have to make a bolt for the bathroom door) this has been an enriching experience. We look forward to tomorrow.


At Sunday, June 26, 2005 9:06:00 AM, Blogger McRyanMac said...

O bro, Tienes muchas problemas. Que lastima.

Keep walking bro. I've got my wife nordic walking now. I'm probably going to buy her sticks this week.

Great blogging too.


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