loren Eric Swanson: EFCLC Day 2

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Had a great day yesterday. The process we use, facilitated by a group called "Wildworks" (www.wildworksgroup.com) is based on at least three realities--WHAT IS?--what's currently out there? What is your current model? etc. Then we go to WHAT COULD BE? This is all about possibilities, not incrementalism. To get to WHAT COULD BE we need to get outside our regular ways of thinking and looking at life. The quality of WHAT COULD BE shapes the outcomes of WHAT WILL BE.

All of the group worked on individual exercises and in random teams in the morning before settling down to an afternoon of work together with folks from their individual churches. Afterwards we had dinner at Sonny Bryant's Barbecue--great food and conversations.

This morning each team will have about an hour to get their plans ready for presentation, we'll have a "trade show" and then call it a day. Great group of churches are here.


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