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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Skiing at Winter Park

Went skiing at Winter Park yesterday with Mike Painter and Bob Horner. Mike is the new executive director of Colorado Uplift--a great organization serving the greater Denver area's youth. Mike was with Campus Crusade's Student Venture for over 25 years and is certainly the right man for the job. Bob has been with Campus Crusade since the mid 60's, pioneered Christian Music with The New Folk (they actually won a grammy), was Canadian National Director, worked in campus ministry at Oregon State, Colorado University and Denver University. He was my director for 8 years when I was director at CU. We co-taught an adult Sunday School class for over 20 years and Bob has too many qualifications to mention so I'll talk about the skiing.

Sienfeld says that riding in a car is like being outside...but inside, sitting down but going really fast. Skiing is similar. Often apparently one is using very little energy...standing still almost, yet moving down the mountain at 30 mph. Yesterday was gorgeous!--Winter snow--no icy spots but spring-like weather. After a morning of skiing we sat outside with our coats, gloves and hats off and ate burgers off the grill. There was virtually no one on the mountain. At one point, rushing down a beautifully groomed (though steep) slope we looked up and down the mountain and we were the only three who were skiing. We knocked off around 3 had a cup of coffee then had two more final runs before heading to the car.

On the way home we stopped at Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs--arguably the best pizza in Colorado. The crusts are so good in themselves that the pizza is served with honey so one can make save the crusts and have an ad hoc dessert.

We're really all to busy to take a day off to ski but last year we decided that life was too short to have the winter pass without doing something we all enjoy. So we are committed to going four times together this ski season. The best part of the day is the time we have talking about the kingdom of God and what we see God doing as we drive up and back and the time we have on the lifts together. It doesn't get better than that.


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