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Monday, July 25, 2005

How to act like a designer

In June 2005 edition of Fast Company there are several helpful articles related to the topic of design and innovation. One of the questions posed was "How can civilian sales reps and IT geeks incorporate a design sensibility into their work? Here are five suggestion:
1. Keep a design notebook. Buy a small notebook and carry it with you. When you see great design, make a note of it. Do the same for bad design. Soon you'll be looking at graphics interiors, and more with greater acuity.
2. Create an inspiration board. When you're working on a project, turn your bulletin board into an inspiration board. Each time you see something you find compelling--a phontoo, a piece of fabric, a type font, a word--take it on the board. You'll also start seeing connections between the images and ideas that will enliven and expand your work.
3. Particpate in the "third industrial revolution." Mass customization is cobining buying with designing. Try designing your own shoe--with the color, pattern, and image that's right for you--at Nike (nikeid.nike.com)
4. Put it on a table. Design Continuum's Dan Buchner suggests you find an object that's special to you and put it on a table. then ask: How does it connect to your senses? Wy does it tickle your emotions? ?Developing the ability to select designs that connect with our emotions," he says, "should help us populate our lives with meaningful, satisfying objects.
5. Read design magazines. It sounds obvious. but if all businesspeople are designers, then all businesspeople should start reading the top design magazines. Some of the best: How, I.D., Metropolis, and Dwell.

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Remember, everything that God did not leave us in nature has to be designed by someone. This includes processes as well as products.


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